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​The essential tactical and strategic partner, driving innovation in the world of polymers

For players in the field of polymers who wish to develop a sustainable growth strategy, our team of plastics and digital experts is your essential partner who guarantees an optimized strategic approach as close as possible to your challenges.


Our services

  • Diagnosis and process optimization 

  • Product development and eco-design

  • Professional development and internal training

  • Tooling and equipment design

  • Digital strategies and solutions

  • And more

The benefits 

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Service fees are eligible for subsidies

Access to key financial partners to support you through our expertise in your project

Reduction of time for the implementation of the improvement or development to be done jointly with you

We don't just advise, we execute by being an extension of your engineering


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East. 2018

Over the last five years, eLab has established itself as a key partner in the polymer sector, specializing primarily in the optimization of manufacturing processes, particularly in extrusion and injection molding. eLab has successfully completed major projects to bring significant growth and profitability to both product owners and manufacturers.

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Some of our most recent projects


“With a friendly and professional approach, the eLab team was able to meet our needs.”
-Eric Leclair
Operational manager


“Thanks to eLab, we managed to direct where to put our energies to achieve our challenges and our aspirations.”
-Jimmy Gravel
Director of operations

Lapierre Equipment

“The proximity of our relationship and the collaborative approach of eLab make projects much easier since they know our business and our challenges.”
-Yvan archambeault
Executive Vice-President


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