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Over the past five years, eLab has established itself in the field of plastics and rubbers as a key partner for the implementation of tooling and the optimization of industrial processes, particularly in extrusion and injection molding. In 2020, our Colab innov division is launching a product development and implementation service. Our team then aims to stimulate the  growth of product owners by exploring new markets with our innovative product types, combined with its eco-responsible approach. 

Our journey.


Creation of 

Logo eLab

eLab incorporates and becomes a service company in support of manufacturers in the field of plastics processing with a particular specialization in the extrusion process.


Creation of 

Logo CoLab

eLab decides to start a new virtual entity and unite its forces with other companies in the region, in order to quickly support product shortages related to the arrival of Covid-19 for the medical market.


Acquisition of a process laboratory

eLab puts more emphasis on product development, expanded its team with two industrial designers and acquired a process laboratory to implement products in extrusion and plastic injection molding.

Our location

bureau d'eLab
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