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Our services

Diagnosis and process optimization

  • Quantified portrait of your processes' performance

  • Identification of potential gains

  • Custom enhancements

  • Quantifiable benefits

  • Search for root causes with sensor instrumentation


Design of specialized tools

  • Conceptualization of extruder heads, dies, sizers, and more

  • Improve and develop new or existing equipment

  • Turnkey design according to your personalized needs

  • Automation of operations


Product development and eco-design

  • Choice of the appropriate process and materials in accordance with the product specifications

  • Optimized design (DFM) in terms of cost price and product performance

Process laboratory

  • Fit and Function (quality tests)

  • Prototyping and validation

  • Production of parts in small volumes

  • Tooling validation

  • Inventory space available to manage your stocks

  • Expertise in sensor instrumentation and intelligent analysis of your data

From diagnosis to optimization of industrial processes, our in-depth and cutting-edge scientific expertise in extrusion and molding helps generate significant cost reductions while specifically addressing associated risks, thus maximizing the robustness of your production tool.

We are confident that by working together on your projects, Thanks to a collaborative and digital approach, you will obtain measurable performance gains which will contribute to assured profitability, while respecting your delivery deadlines and your commitments to your customers.

-eLab, Quebec leader in industrial performance in the plastics industry.​

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